Ghostwriting for presentations

You would like to have a presentation or a presentation by our ghostwriters? Our academic ghostwriters create completely finished PowerPoint presentations and lecture texts – exactly to your specifications and wishes.

Our presentations and lectures are unique, completely new and worked out for you personally. No templates, no phrases, no plagiarism!

Ghostwriting for presentations and lectures

You can specify a specific topic for your presentation or lecture or provide us with an existing scientific work (for example, your bachelor thesis or master’s thesis) as a basis.

When it comes to a whole new topic, we first create a rough concept to align the content and the structure of the presentation with you. If we create the presentation on the basis of a scientific paper, we orientate ourselves on the existing content. Of course, you can also give concrete guidelines on how the presentation should be structured or which content is particularly in focus. Also during the processing you have the possibility at any time to announce you with questions or hints.

Depending on the topic and scope, the processing time for a presentation is between 7-10 days for smaller presentations and 2-3 weeks for more extensive presentations. If you are in a hurry, but in most cases, a faster processing is possible. Just contact us and we will find a solution together.

Choosing the right ghostwriter for your presentation

Just as when writing scientific papers, selecting the right author is also crucial when creating presentations. At Akademix, we employ only qualified graduates with at least one university degree. Our ghostwriters are used only on a subject-specific basis and according to their qualifications to ensure the best possible results.

What does that mean? The author must fit the topic and subject of the presentation. A presentation or lecture in business administration should not be prepared by a Germanist. Conversely, of course, that’s exactly how it is. It is essential for the quality of the lecture – especially in the scientific field – that the author fits the topic perfectly and that the requirements of the presentation match the qualifications of the ghostwriter. It’s not enough just to create beautiful-looking slides, especially the content has to be convincing.

For this reason, your order will not be advertised automatically in our large pool of authors and the fastest will get the nod, but the selection of the author for each order individually by our experienced team.

Delivery, scope and content of the presentation

Your presentation will be delivered as a PowerPoint document. Lecture texts and handouts are usually available as a Word file or, if desired, as a PDF.

There are different variants of presentations or additions that you can order from us. We focus on exactly what you need for your presentation.

Powerpoint presentation

The basis of your presentation is the PowerPoint presentation, consisting of the desired number of slides, designed according to your wishes and specifications.

Presentation text

You will receive from us in addition to the presentation a text that you can use for your presentation. The lecture text can be completely pre-formulated in an extra document (in principle, you only have to read the text) or as a presentation note under each slide.


A handout is usually a single page, on which the contents of the presentation or the lecture are summarized once again compact and clear light for the audience.