Ghostwriting for legal opinions

You want to have your jurisprudential report written by a ghostwriter? Our academic ghostwriters create a completely finished template for your legal opinion – exactly to your specifications and wishes.

Each of our texts is unique and will be completely re-written for you personally. Guaranteed no templates, no phrases and no plagiarism!

The experienced ghostwriters for legal opinions from Akademix

Even those who study law have to regularly write homework during the course of their studies, usually in the form of legal opinions – called “Votum” in judicial practice. This is the legal assessment of a life situation. The students have to grasp the relevant facts correctly, examine them in terms of their legal content, then determine a plausible structure, name disagreements and point out the correct solution for the legal issues. In a legal opinion problems from all legal areas must be able to be resolved – and it must also be written in expert opinion style. This consists of an axiom, the definition, the subsumption and the result. Legal opinions must follow a logical, intellectual structure.

You do not know how to write such a report, you feel completely overwhelmed because you may still be a freshman or you just do not have time for it? Then the ghostwriters for juridical opinions of our website are what you need! Our authors are well versed in jurisprudential opinions, because we only have them written by ghostwriters who have also studied law and who have the necessary know-how in all areas of law. The Ghostwriters for Legal Opinions of Akademix master the jurisprudential tools and are able to solve even the most difficult problems properly.

By the way: With us you will u.a. also if you are looking for a ghostwriter for bachelor theses or a ghostwriter for master theses!

This is how our ghostwriters help you with legal opinions

First of all, you send us the facts to be processed. Based on the respective area of ​​law, we carefully select a suitable specialist lawyer as ghostwriter for your legal opinion. For the law is broad and only in this way can the best possible result be guaranteed for your work. If you have to deal with a criminal law issue, as a ghostwriter for your legal opinion, you should only have a lawyer with relevant expertise in the area of ​​criminal justice.

In the next step, the selected copywriter will prepare an outline proposal to coordinate with you the exact structure and content of the report. Because the structure is an elementary part of legal opinions and forms the framework. Homework in law studies often fails due to the fact that the structure of the expert’s report was not thoroughly worked out.

When you are satisfied with the setup and have released it, the ghostwriter starts with your legal opinion – exactly as you wish. You do not have to do anything anymore! Of course, during the entire work process, you have the opportunity to contact the ghostwriter of your legal opinion with questions or suggestions.

After about two to three weeks, you will receive from our ghostwriter your legal opinion. Of course, the exact processing time always depends on the topic and the requirements of the work. If you’re in a hurry, the ghostwriter can also make you a legal opinion in less time. Simply contact us and we will find a solution together!

That’s what your ghostwriter delivers for legal opinion

A legal opinion usually covers 20 to 30 pages. For relatively short appraisals, we do not regularly schedule any intermediate results, but write the report directly after approval of the structure. In the case of more extensive reports, you will receive a partial delivery as an intermediate version during processing.

The ghostwriter of your legal opinion delivers the text on time and as a fully formatted Word document. The delivery includes everything that belongs to a jurisprudential report, including all necessary directories (table of contents, list of abbreviations, lists of illustrations and tables, bibliography, list of jurisdictions) and, if applicable, annexes.

Choosing the right ghostwriter for your review

Choosing the right ghost writer or author is extremely important for the quality of the review. At Akademix, we employ only qualified graduates with at least one university degree. In the jurisprudential field every subject is worked on by a corresponding specialist lawyer in order to ensure the best possible result.

What does that mean? The author must fit into the legal field of expertise. If you have a criminal law issue or topic, it should also be handled by a lawyer with relevant expertise in criminal law. Of course, there are many overlaps of law in the field of law, but the better the author fits the requirements, the better the result.

For this reason, your order will not be advertised automatically in our large pool of authors and the fastest will get the nod, but the selection of the author for each order individually by our experienced team.

Delivery, scope and contents of the jur. report

The report will be delivered as a fully formatted and editable Word document.

Of course, the finished document contains everything that belongs to a juridical expert opinion, i. including all necessary directories (table of contents, list of abbreviations, lists of illustrations and tables, bibliography, list of jurisdictions) and, if applicable, annexes.

If we got a style sheet or design guidelines from you, the work is formatted according to the specifications.

Plagiarism check for legal opinions

On request, we also carry out a free plagiarism check on request. Even if such a check is not really necessary for our authors, we offer you a plagiarism check as an additional service or confirmation of the quality of our services.